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Blade - Nostalgia Critic Posted by: Doug Walker in Channel Awesome, Doug Walker, Nostalgia Critic, VideosMay 3, 2016 It's the overlooked classic that made comic book movies cool again, but does it hold up as well as it did back then? Donate to this week's charity here Hey Guys so this is my reaction to the Nostalgia Critic's review of Blade II by Channel Awesome. I hope you all enjoy the video guys and let me know what I show react to or play next Nella seconda metà degli anni '90, quando i cinecomic non facevano altro che collezionare fallimenti al botteghino, un piccolo film tostissimo si erse facend.. WANT EARLY ACCESS AND UNEDITED REACTIONS? CHECK OUT OUR PATREON!: https://www.patreon.com/RenegadeFaction Nostalgia Critic - Blade: https://www.youtube.com/w.. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Blade II. tweet; Tagged with: blade 2 blade II channel awesome doug walker james jarosz malcolm ray movies nostalgia critic rob walker. About Doug Walker . Creator of 5 Second Movies, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and more..

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  1. (After the Channel Awesome logo and opening titles, we cut to NC in his room) NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. Let's talk about... (He quickly looks around. Then he holds up an index finger to the camera as if to say, One moment. He walks out of the room..
  2. NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. Comic book movies have had a lot of ups and downs over the years. (Shots of Batman (1989), Daredevil, Batman & Robin, The Phantom and Steel are shown) NC (vo): Sometimes, they're on top of the world, and sometimes, they were Daredevil
  3. Directed by Doug Walker. With Doug Walker, Malcolm Ray, Tamara Chambers, James Jarosz. It's the Guillermo del Toro movie everyone forgets he directed, let's see if it holds up to the standards this Oscar winning director holds so high. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Blade II

Social Blade Rank. 17,425th. Subscriber Rank. 4,918th. Video Views Rank. 4,395th. Country Rank 4,718th. entertainment Rank-- Subscribers for the last 30 days. $2.3K - $36.1K Estimated Monthly Earnings . 9.014M 4.3%. Video Views for the last 30 days . $27K - $432.7K Estimated Yearly Earnings . YouTube Stats Summary / User Statistics for Channel Awesome (2020-11-12 - 2020-11-25) DATE. Malcolm Roach Ray is an actor, on screen and is a voice over artist. His skills go beyond acting with professional training in film and video as his major at Columbia College Chicago. In the span of his Bachelor career at Columbia, Malcolm has successfully completed his Interdisciplinary Film Degree, been the casting director for a practicum film, interned at O'Connor Casting, and has begun. Nostalgia Critic is an American review comedy web series created, directed by and starring web comedian Doug Walker. The series initially launched on YouTube on July 3, 2007, before moving to Walker's own site, That Guy with the Glasses, then to Channel Awesome. The show follows Walker as the title character, a bitter and sarcastic critic who mostly reviews films and television shows from his. Category:The Nostalgia Critic Transcripts - Channel Awesome Wiki - ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Channel Awesome. 3,711 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Old vs. New: The Karate Kid; Sexy and I Know It; The. The Critic concludes Nostalgia-Ween reviewing Leprechaun 2 (1994). At the end, he also gives small and negative reviews on Leprechaun 3 (1995) and Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997). Summer of Sam The Critic will review Summer of Sam (1999). Attack The Block The Critic will review Attack The Block (2011) Dark Phoenix The Critic will review Dark Phoenix (2019). Child's Play 2019 The Critic will.

The Nostalgia Critic (real name: Douglas Darrien Walker; born November 17, 1981) is one of the many characters created by Douglas Darien Doug Walker, also known as That Guy with the Glasses, and theprotagonist of his website, Channel Awesome, as well as the titular protagonist of the Nostalgia Critic web series. He is usually a short-tempered movie critic who reviews movies. Most prominently. Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to.Nostalgia Critic The Nostalgia Critic (also known as The Critic) is a web series created by Doug Walkerthat isnamed after the character of the same name. 1 Summary 2 Christmas 2008 3 Year One 4 April Fools Day 2009 5 The 100th Episode 6 Year Two 7 Year Three 8 The 200th Episode 9 Year Four 10 Year Five 11 Yearly Events 11.1. Ever wanted to integrate the power of the Social Blade website directly into your business? Now you can with our new Business API! Compare. Channel Awesome. Uploads 2,936. Subscribers 1.23M. Video Views 894,841,499. Country US. Channel Type Entertainment. User Created Jul 10th, 2014. Nostalgia Critic Blade (TV Episode 2016) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, Spoofed and more.. Critic: I'm the Nostalgia Critic, and some Fruit By The Foots are always a few inches short. Unusually Uninteresting Sight : The Critic mocks how the people walking on the street don't react to Blade slamming a cop into a car

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  1. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Blade II. S12, Ep31. 31 Jul. 2019 Why Do Disney Remakes Keep Making Money? 7.3 (42) 0. Rate. 1. Rate. 2. Rate. 3 . Rate. 4. Rate. 5. Rate. 6. Rate. 7. Rate. 8. Rate. 9. Rate. 10. Rate. 0. Error: please try again. Lately, Disney seems to be remaking all of their beloved, classic animated features and turning them into live action, but with none of the spirit and.
  2. Blade II - Making of Nostalgia Critic. Posted by: Channel Awesome in Behind the Scenes, Channel Awesome, Videos July 27, 2019. Doug and Rob argue whether Guillermo Del Toro is overrated or not. Voices are raised, insults fly, andwigs are worn. tweet; Tagged with: behind the scenes blade II channel awesome doug walker james jarosz making of nostalgia critic malcolm ray rob walker. About.
  3. Can Nostalgia Critic find some deeper meaning to it or is it as bad as people say? Let's take a look at Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch. Read More » The Lion King II: Simba's Pride - Nostalgia Critic. Doug Walker November 18, 2020 Channel Awesome, Doug Walker, Nostalgia Critic, Videos 1 Comment. It's not only one of the highest selling direct to video movies, but it's a sequel to one of the.
  4. Nostalgia Critic Blade (TV Episode 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more

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Check Nostalgia Critic's real time subscriber count updated every second Nostalgia Critic S09E18 . Close video. Get another version Upload subtitles. Nostalgia Critic S09E18. Watched! Watched? Blade • 15:00 • YouTube • 2016-04-26. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Blade II. Review Date: July 24, 2019. Review of: Blade II. Absentee Actor: Tamara isn't part of the episode. Broken Pedestal: Malcolm goes from praising everything del Toro does to trying to beat him up after he hears the do you blush? line. Advertisement: Conspicuous CGI: NC points this out during Blade and Nyssa's fight in the hideout in the beginning of.

Blade - Nostalgia Critic. It's the overlooked classic that made comic book movies cool again, but does it hold up as well as it did back then? Check out this week's charity here - htt... Saved by Leo Decap. 1. Nutcracker Movie Channel Awesome Movie 43 Nostalgia Critic Stephen King Movies. The Critic reviews Blade (1998). Although he praises the action sequences and the cheesiness and effects of 90s film making, even surprised that no romance happens between Blade and Karen at the end, he criticizes the writing, Blade's actions such as assaulting a cop in public while no one interferes and showing no emotion towards Whistler's death, and the inconsistent plot such as the cure. Blade - Nostalgia Critic. It's the overlooked classic that made comic book movies cool again, but does it hold up as well as it did back then? Check out this week's charity here - htt... Saved by Robert Junior. Nutcracker Movie Channel Awesome Movie 43 Nostalgia Critic Stephen King Movies Hedgehog Movie League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sai Kunai Blade chapter 2 . 1/18/2018. Great points. And yes, everything any of the Titans did in this episode was despicable. Although, if the lyrics were more than just waffles, that song could've actually been catchy. I'd like it if the critic reviewed this and it actually managed to stop the show, but sadly, I don't think there is any force on this Earth that can. Sai Kunai Blade chapter. Please enter your username or e-mail address. You will receive a new password via e-mail. Username/Email

I want to show my little sisters what I'm into on youtube, but their English is not that great. Anyone have a solution Meet the badass of the century. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/nostalgia-critic/34-nostalgia-critic/215-the-wizar (Nostalgia Critic # 468) Blade (VOSTFR) [HD] Aldo006. 18:03. The Nostalgia Critic - Turkish Rambo (VOSTFR) Azarias92. 20:43. Nostalgia Critic Total Recall VOSTFR. Hikelo. 23:16 (Nostalgia Critic # 243,7) Chucky 3 [Child's Play 3](feat Phelous)(VOSTFR) (HD) Aldo006. 20:01 (Nostalgia Critic #510) Top 11 des fins alternatives les + WTF (VOSTFR) (HD) Aldo006. 27:55. Matrix Revolutions Nostalgia.

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The Social Blade Decade Abbreviated Subscriber Counts on YouTube Social Blade launches Report Cards for YouTube Instagram opens highly-coveted verification fo YouTube Premium to debut 50 original shows in YouTube Music inks partnership with American M Netflix testing ads-that-aren't-really-ads du Jonah Hex - Nostalgia Critic . By dksponge13 Watch. 2 Favourites. 0 Comments. 89 Views. dccomics jonahhex titlecard nostalgiacritic thatguywiththeglasses channelawesome dcmovies worstfilms episodesuggestion. 2010 was a year of ups and downs for Hollywood (but mostly downs). One of their biggest failures was their attempt at adapting DC's supernatural Western anti-hero Jonah Hex into a live. (Nostalgia Critic #631) Blade 2 (VOSTFR)(HD) Aldo006. 28:52 (Nostalgia Critic # 468) Blade (VOSTFR) [HD] Aldo006. 18:03. The Nostalgia Critic - Turkish Rambo (VOSTFR) Azarias92. 27:54. Matrix Revolutions - Nostalgia Critic (VOSTFR) Azarias92. 25:11. Nostalgia Critic #458 - Spawn VOSTFR. Thenuke - Alia Immortalis . 18:03. The Nostalgia Critic - Turkish Rambo (VOSTFR) Rudolphnichol37. 31:46. The Nostalgia Critic is a Youtuber who reviews movies. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 Death Battle Info 2.1 Weapons and Skills 2.2 Powers 2.3 Vehicles 2.4 Feats 2.4.1 Strength 2.4.2 Speed 2.4.3 Durability 2.4.4 Skills Decently Clever Decent Marksman 2.5 Flaws 3 Gallery Nostalgia Critic vs The Angry Video Game Nerd (Completed) Nostalgia. The Nostalgia Critic reviews Blade. 2 Disney's Cinderella: May 17, 2016: The Nostalgia Critic reviews the two Disney Cinderella movies. 2 Spy Kids: May 31, 2016: The Nostalgia Critic Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. 2 Jem: June 14, 2016: The Nostalgia Critic reviews Jem and the Crystal Holograms. 2 Ghostbusters: August 2, 2016: The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 2016 film Ghostbusters. 2 Teddy.

The Nostalgia Critic tears into some beloved and not so beloved childhood memorie The Nostalgia Critic makes two attacks against Twilight in his The Care Bears Movie review, Edward Cullen was also on his scale on annoyance. This is by no means the only time he bashes Edward. In A Troll In Central Park, at one point the Critic says that Stanley is as bland as Edward from Twilight. Advertisement: And then in Care Bears Movie II: Christy: Hey, this is a lot like those. Check The Real Nostalgia Critic's real time subscriber count updated every second (Nostalgia Critic # 468) Blade (VOSTFR) [HD] Aldo006. 18:03. The Nostalgia Critic - Turkish Rambo (VOSTFR) Azarias92. 17:26 (Nostalgia Critic # 134) Flubber (VOSTFR)(HQ) Aldo006. 42:30 (Nostalgia Critic # 334) Shining - la mini série (VOSTFR)(HD) Aldo006. 20:43. Nostalgia Critic Total Recall VOSTFR. Hikelo . 25:11. Nostalgia Critic #458 - Spawn VOSTFR. Thenuke - Alia Immortalis. 23:16.

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(Nostalgia Critic # 468) Blade (VOSTFR) [HD] Aldo006. 18:03. The Nostalgia Critic - Turkish Rambo (VOSTFR) Azarias92. 17:26 (Nostalgia Critic # 134) Flubber (VOSTFR)(HQ) Aldo006. 42:30 (Nostalgia Critic # 334) Shining - la mini série (VOSTFR)(HD) Aldo006. 20:43. Nostalgia Critic Total Recall VOSTFR. Hikelo . 25:11. Nostalgia Critic #458 - Spawn VOSTFR. Thenuke - Alia Immortalis. 21:02. Unlike other critics who wearied of Blade Runner 2049's long runtime, Anderson says that near the end of the movie, I thought to myself, 'Oh man, I could easily keep watching more of this.' It's. Search Nostalgia Critic (season 12) on Amazon.. The twelfth season of Nostalgia Critic began on January 2, 2019 with Doug Walker's review of Max Payne. On January 8, 2019, Doug Walker aired his first editorial of the season, where he analyzed the moment when Marvel Cinematic Universe villains started to be better written

Inspector Gunner 2 With Critic is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner on April 16, 2018. It mainly features rips uploaded during the second Inspector Gadget takeover and subsequent Nostalgia Critic Takeover, as well as several Inspector Gadget-related rips uploaded after the first Inspector Gadget takeover. The album was announced through the video An AWESOME Announcement! (). 1. Personal Log Doug Walker aka Nostalgia critic is a movie critic who reviews bad and cheesy movies and he makes top 11s, made Disneycember, a mounth of December with Disney movies, and Dreamworksuary, a month of Febuary full of Dreamworks movies. He uses his trusty gun for almost anything. He always almost dies from reviewing bad and cheesy movies. He has a brother named Rob Walker who does. Blade - Nostalgia Critic. Optimized Link Copy. Hold to copy. Direct Link. Copy. Hold to copy. Embed Responsive Play Sound Remove Logo. Copy. Download. flash_on Remix.

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Nostalgia Critic: So, they enter the Haunted Mansion, which, while it looks pretty cool, doesn't really have much to offer.The effects are great, but it isn't that different from every other spooky haunted house in movies. Look, there goes Casper, Morticia, Count Olaf, and Owen Wilson reminding us to be scared!; Owen Wilson: (from The Haunting) Really creepy Search List of Nostalgia Critic episodes (2015) on Amazon.. The eighth season of Nostalgia Critic began in January 2015 with a month dedicated to The Matrix franchise by reviewing all Matrix movies, including The Animatrix.This is the first month since the Nostalgia Critic's return in 2013 to not include any editorial videos in-between reviews May 26, 2020 - He's a Youtuber who should get credit for hard work and pretty clever videos. He critics movies in the funniest way possible, sometimes good, bad and the absolute worst! But we love to watch him. These are my favorite videos. See more ideas about Nostalgia critic, Channel awesome, Nostalgia As the Nostalgia Critic became more popular, TGWTG invited other talented online critics to join their platform, turning it into one of the most popular content aggregators on the internet Nostalgia Critic/Sound Effects Used/Alphabetically | Soundeffects Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Sound Effects Wiki. 73,877 Pages. Add new page. Recent blog posts. Community. Forum. Explore. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos.

Nicktoons [] Nostalgia Critic: [trying to describe Ren and Stimpy] It's honestly like talking to a kid on the ultimate of sugar highs. Adult's Voice: Hey, kid!What do you want to see on TV? Kid Critic: I don't know! Adult's Voice: Have some candy![throws over a bag, and the kid eats it all] Kid Critic: [suddenly hyper] I wanna see a cat and dog move around like jelly Nostalgia Critic VS The Angry Video Game Nerd is a What-If? Death Battle pitting the Nostalgia Critic from Channel Awesome against the Angry Video Game Nerd from Cinemassacre. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Nostalgia Critic 4 The Angry Video Game Nerd 5 Interlude 6 Fight 7 Analysis/Results 8 Trivia Cinemassacre VS Channel Awesome! These two online behemoths battle it out to see who's anger reigns. I may be bullshitting here but there's somewhat of a stealth criticism against nostalgia toward the end of the second (of a million) acts in Blade Runner 2049. Harrison Ford's Deckard sets off a hologram of Elvis and explains to solemn do-gooder 'K' (Ryan Gosling) about how the song he's crooning is one of his favorites.The hologram, malfunctioning with many false starts due to age. Eddie gets Thunder Blade at Level 20, and since it has a short wait time, you can use it and then Combo Attack afterwards, so we suggest using this if enemies prove to be too challenging (lol) Open a treasure chest at the top right of the first open area to get a [SUPER HEAL LEAF]. Follow the passage until it widens out and check the two rooms to the left and right. There's a [FLAME STAFF] in.

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Released as The Crimson Blade (1971) and Tommy (1975), Ken Russell created a very powerful style that intimidated producers and divided the critics. However, he came a cropper with... Nostalgia Central is an enormous scrapbook providing a trip from the Rockin 50s via the Swinging 60s, the Mirror-balled 70s and Day-Glo 80s to the Grunge-filled 90s. POPULAR TAGS. Action Figures Amicus Arcade. The official subreddit for the Nostalgia Critic!. jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users | news-AskReddit-funny-pics-todayilearned-worldnews-aww-gaming-Jokes-tifu-Showerthoughts-videos-personalfinance-gifs-mildlyinteresting-explainlikeimfive-movies-science-IAmA-OldSchoolCool -LifeProTips-TwoXChromosomes-UpliftingNews-television-askscience-nottheonion. Did anyone watch Art Attack back in the 90's? The way the Head used to introduce himself, by saying Helllooo it's me the head is insanely..

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The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at one of the highest grossing movies from the disaster phase we were assaulted with in the 90s. . Twister The Nostalgia Critic tackles the Garbage Pail Kids movie. Read what all the top critics had to say about Blade Assault for Switch at Metacritic.co Jul 5, 2018 - Explore Ronaldo Martinez's board Nostalgia Critic, followed by 328 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nostalgia critic, Nostalgia, Critic

r/ChannelAwesome: A subreddit intended for the discussion of all things related to Channel Awesome, including any current or former members The Nostalgia Critic reviews The Happening. 2016-01-19T20:00:00Z 9x03 Top 11 Funniest Shyamalan Moments. 65%. 9x03 Top 11 Funniest Shyamalan Moments. 2016-01-19T20:00:00Z — 25 mins; 150. 200. 108. 1. With so many to choose, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the funniest moments that were probably never meant to be funny in the first place. 2016-01-26T20:00:00Z 9x04 Lady in the Water. 78%.

Critics reviews. Blade Runner. Ridley Scott United States, 1982 Shadowplay I want to talk a little about other, less deliberate and less reasonable muddle in BLADE RUNNER's exposition. If you don't like the film you'll agree these are problematic. If you do like the film, you'll hopefully find it striking that a film can be compelling even with such nonsensical elements in its. Postmodernist film is a classification for works that articulate the themes and ideas of postmodernism through the medium of cinema.Postmodernist film attempts to subvert the mainstream conventions of narrative structure and characterization, and tests the audience's suspension of disbelief. Typically, such films also break down the cultural divide between high and low art and often upend. Nach einer etwas längeren Sommerpause geht es nun endlich weiter mit dem Projekt Quatre Bras 1815, dass von Vasa, Björn und mir schon seit März diesen Jahres beackert wird. Nachdem wir bereits eine große Menge an Figuren bemalt haben, ein Testspiel absolvierte wurde und die Recherche für das Schlachtfeld und die Gebäude abgeschlossen sind, sol The Baggies are two points above the rock-bottom Blades, who have lost eight of their nine games so far despite a summer spending spree which included a record £23.5million deal to recruit Rhian. Christopher Lambert's Scottish accent in cult movie Highlander was the result of an acclaimed Aberdeen voice coach working her kind of magic even if there wasn't a trace of Doric to be heard

I think Mahershala Ali is a great choice for the role and although nostalgia makes me want Snipes back, it was probably time for some new blood to step in. As for the current status of BLADE. Nostalgia Critic Reviews Blade. Watch This Epic Retrospective For The Original Blade. Duck And Cover For This Movie Bar Fights Supercut. The Most Iconic Vampires Of All Time (INFOGRAPHIC) 25 Greatest Horror Movie Franchises. 25 Hottest Women From Marvel Movies. Your Favorite Movie Heroes Gear Up: A Supercut . The Habits Of Digital Comic-Book Readers (INFOGRAPHIC) Kill Him - The Superc

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The Hottie and the Nottie - The Nostalgia Critic reviews The Hottie and the Nottie. Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star Alexander (2004 film) Slappy and the Stinkers Little Nicky Where the Boys Are '84 Scary Movie (and sequels) Grown-Ups Zoolander 2 Fritz the Cat Kite (2014 film) Fat Albert Immortals The Nut Job - The Critic reviews The Nut Job (2014). Strange Magic Godzilla 1985 Pinocchio (2002. So here we can see Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic´s living room. I say Thank you fanbrats for all the stuff here (pay close attention to the left side a little breeze of Arthouse is heading your way) Living Room paid by Fanboy Donations: A high class guy like Doug Walker is nothing without a fancy mini bar (thanks again to fanboys) Am i the only one who thinks Doug should change his. Nostalgia Critic: So the film cuts to twenty years later, where Satan decides to come back to Earth. And how does he do this? By blowing up sewers, flying around as an invisible gargoyle, and possessing Gabriel Byrne from The Usual Suspects! (Satan, having possessed the banker, now leaves the toilet and walks into a restaurant, walking boldly up to a banker and his wife and seizing the woman. Round 1: Nostalgia Critic kills him. Round 2: Not sure but I'll give it to NC again. Reply. Mar 10, 2017. KeybladeMagicDan Hobbyist Writer. Alright. Reply. Mar 10, 2017. admirablessuck. Both Suck! Reply. Nov 18, 2016. FireMaster92. I might get hates for this but Mr Enter. It's just I agree with Mr Enter more than I do with Nostalgia Critic. Reply. Edited Jul 11, 2016. KeybladeMagicDan Hobbyist.

Fluttershy & Ghost Pony Rider 2 (Nostalgia Critic Ghostnostalgia critic | TumblrNostalgia Critic DVD Cover by FutureKeybearer on DeviantArtThe Last Airbender - Nostalgia Critic | Nostalgia critic

Nostalgia Critic took his turn to comment, as the two critics smoothed into a flowing back and forth discussion to the viewers at home. ''There's still some debate amongst people on how to define the term fanfiction properly. But the easiest way to sum it up is a creative work that is created by fans of an already existing fandom. This can be anything from written stories to artwork based on. Social Blade Rank. 22,981st. Subscriber Rank. 12,354th. Video Views Rank. 5,599th. Country Rank 661st. news Rank. 16K 11.1%. Subscribers for the last 30 days. $2.7K - $42.5K Estimated Monthly Earnings . 10.628M 3.5%. Video Views for the last 30 days. $31.9K - $510.2K Estimated Yearly Earnings. Nostalgia Products. Taco Tuesday Heated Lazy Susan Taco Bar, Perfect for Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, Fajitas, 20-Oz. Warming Pot, Includes 4 Taco Holders. $49.99. Nostalgia Products. Retro Premium 7-Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker, Aqua. $24.99. Nostalgia Products. Vintage Professional Popcorn Cart - NEW 8-Ounce Kettle - 53 Inches Tall . $219.99. Outlet and Specials. Nostalgia Products. Season 12 guide for Nostalgia Critic TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Track Nostalgia Critic season 12 episodes Nostalgia Critic vs Jacksepticeye is The Sayain Jedi's fifty-third DBX! YOUTUBE VS YOUTUBE! SEASON 4 EPISODE 5! Two loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed YouTubers who often break the 4th wall, rage at everything that pisses them off and scream at the top of their lungs like there's no tomorrow

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