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Spartathlon Ultra Race is a historic foot race that takes place in September of every year in Greece. It is one of the most difficult and satisfying ultra-distance races in the world because of its unique history and background Spartathlon is the event that brings this deed to attention today by drawing a legend out of the depths of history. The idea for its creation is belongs to John Foden, a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and student of ancient Greek history, Foden stopped his reading of Herodotus' narration regarding Pheidippides, puzzled and wondering if a modern man could cover the distance.

D er Spartathlon ist ein 246 Kilometer langer, legendärer Ultralauf von Athen nach Sparta, der in Griechenland seit 1983 veranstaltet wird Spartathlon is a 246-kilometre (153 mi) ultramarathon race held annually in Greece since 1983, between Athens and Sparti, the modern town on the site of ancient Sparta. The spartathlon is based on the run of Pheidippides, who ran from Athens to Sparta before the Battle of Marathon in a day and a half to seek aid against the Persians

The Spartathlon relives the steps of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian long distance runner, who was sent to Sparta in 490 BC,before the battle of Marathon, to ask for help in the war between the Greeks and the Persians. According to Herodotus, Pheidippides arrived in Sparta one day after departing from Athens Veranstaltungshinweise Spartathlon Das SPARTATHLON-Rennen folgt der Originalstrecke, die der militärische Bote Pheidippides 490 v. Chr. von Athen nach Sparta gelaufen ist. Die folgenden Punkte sind Übersetzungen der Informationen des Veranstalters. Bei Abweichungen zählen die Angaben des Veranstalters

Der Spartathlon ist ein Ultramarathon über eine Strecke von 246 km, der in Griechenland seit 1983 veranstaltet wird. Die historische Strecke von Athen nach Sparta muss dabei in einem Zeitlimit von 36 Stunden zurückgelegt werden Spartathlon 2013 => Spartathlon 2010: Spartathlon 2012: Transeuropalauf 19 April - 21 Juni 2009: Berlin Marathon 2009;10;11;12: New York Marathon 2009: Internetadressen: Schwäbisch fürr Reigschmeggde Berichte sonstiges a-z neu: Marathon und mehr Runningman: Marathonrechner: Trainingsplan für Marathon und Ultramarathon: Stettener Volkslauf 201

Spartathlon, which is now on its 36th year, is a 245-kilometre (153 miles) ultramarathon race held annually in Greece since 1984 and takes place between Athens and Sparta, the modern town located at the site of the former city-state of ancient Sparta.The race has its origins back in ancient times as it follows in the footsteps of Phedippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to. SPARTATHLON is a historic ultra-distance foot race 246km that takes place in September of every year in Greece. Το ΣΠΑΡΤΑΘΛΟΝ είναι ένας ιστορικός υπερμαραθώνιος 246χλμ που λαμβάνει χώρα στο τέλος του Σεπτέμβρη κάθε χρόνο στην Ελλάδα. Είναι ένας από πλέον δύσκολους.

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Spartathlon hat am Freitagmorgen begonnen: Frank Ewen (links), hier beim Start an der Akropolis, wird unterstützt von Freundin Elke und Kumpel Yilmaz (rechts). 246 Kilometer sind es bis Sparta. Vérifiez spartathlon.gr site est une arnaque ou un site Web sécurisé. spartathlon.gr détecter si elle est une arnaque, frauduleuse ou est infectés par des malwares, le phishing, la fraude et l'activité de spam si vous ave The SPARTATHLON event was inspired after Pheidippides, an ancient runner, who was sent to Sparta in order to ask for their help in the Greco-Persian War before the battle of Marathon in 490 B.C.. SPARTATHLON runners follow a route based on Herodotus' description on Pheidippides' feat who arrived in Sparta one day after his departure from Athens, as well as on other historical facts of that. This is the official SPARTATHLON App that provides real time information of the SPARTATHLON Race. SPARTATHLON is a historical ultra-distance foot race that takes place every year in September in Greece. It is one of the most difficult and satisfying races in the world because of its unique history and background. The race starts from Athens and finishes in Sparta a distance of 246km Fulda/Athen (oz/fs) - Zum dritten Mal hat sich der Fuldaer Langstreckenläufer Thomas Herget (LG Fulda) für den Spartathlon beworben und darf am Freitag (6 Uhr deutscher Zeit) zum zweiten Mal an der Akropolis in Athen an der Startlinie stehen und die insgesamt 246 Kilometer absolvieren. Dabei gehört der Fuldaer wieder zum elitären Teilnehmerfeld von gerade mal 390 Startern

Spartathlon, which is now on its 37th year, is a 245-kilometre (153 miles) ultramarathon race held annually in Greece since 1984 and takes place between Athens and Sparta, the modern town located at the site of the former city-state of ancient Sparta. The race has its origins back in ancient times as it follows in the footsteps of Phedippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to. DLV-Meisterschaften. Durch einen Kooperationsvertrag zwischen dem Deutschen Leichtathletikverband und der Deutschen Ultramarathon-Vereinigung e.V. (DUV) werden ab 2019, nicht nur wie bisher die 100km-Straßenlauf DM, sondern vier offizielle Deutsche Meisterschaften auf folgenden Ultramarathondistanzen durchgeführt Spartathlon Team Poland. 1.5K likes. Poland Spartathlon Team Spartathlon, czyli bieg z Aten do Sparty śladami starożytnego gońca Filipidesa liczy sobie 246 km a limit czasu wynosi 36 godzin Spartathlon (©Spartathlon.gr) 2013 Stats and figures: 7 UK runners followed in the steps of Pheidippides this weekend and a furthur 15 valiantly attempted too. I collated finisher results to look how our Finishers stacked up against the rest of the world Pakete. Um Ihnen die Wahl zu lassen, können Sie weiter unten auf dieser Seite APKs direkt herunterladen, sollten sich allerdings darüber im Klaren sein, dass Sie nach einer solchen Installation keine Benachrichtigungen über Aktualisierungen erhalten werden und diese Art des Downloads weniger Sicherheit bietet


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  1. Kimie Noto (能登貴美枝, Noto Kimie, born 1952, née Kimie Funada) is a Japanese ultramarathon runner, bronze medalist at 2006 IAU 24-Hour Run World Championship, and team silver medalist at 2005 IAU 24-Hour Run World Championship.. In the Spartathlon in Greece, she finished 15 times from 1995 to 2011, taking the female 1st place 2 times (2004, 2005), female 2nd place 4 times (1997, 1998.
  2. Beginning in the 13th century, the political and cultural center of Laconia shifted to Mystras, some 4 km to the west.The settlement at ancient Sparta, named Lacedaemonia, continued to exist, although greatly depopulated, until modern times as a town of a few thousand people who lived among the ruins, in the shadow of Mystras. The Palaiologos family (the last Byzantine Greek imperial dynasty.
  3. Εξερευνήστε την Σπάρτη, Φυσική Ομορφιά, Τοπικά Προϊόντα, Πεζοπορία στον Ταΰγετο και στον Πάρνωνα, Εκδηλώσεις, Σπάρταθλον, Μετακίνηση και Διαμονή, Εκκλησίες και Μοναστήρια | Explore Sparta, Natural Beauty, Local Products, Hiking in Taygetos and Parnonas.
  4. Spartathlon 2020. One of the world's toughest races covers the distance from Athens to Sparta . Share. Last updated: Sep 03, 2020. 0. Dates September 25-26, 2020. People interested +8. Something wrong? Suggest an edit. Spartathlon Featured in. Greece Athens. europe Greece. This ultra-marathon race covering a distance of 250 km or 152 miles is definitely one of the biggest challenges to one's.
  5. The SNF does not necessarily share the views or opinions of the charitable organizations which it may choose to fund or otherwise assist, and no inference of any endorsement of such views or opinions as a consequence of any action the SNF may take in pursuit of its charitable purposes is warranted
  6. Spartathlon 2018 will be hosted in Greece on September 28-29. The field is capped to 390 runners from all around the world, who meet the rigid qualifying criteria. Read more at spartathlon.gr

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  1. Spartathlon is a historic ultra-distance running race that takes place in September every year in Greece and is considered the most difficult ultra-distance race in the world
  2. e the changes of cardiovascular morphology and function after an ultramarathon race. 50 entrants to the Spartathlon 2017 246-km running race will participate in the study. Cardiac and arterial morphology and function tests will be conducted one day before the race and within 20
  3. Spartathlon is a 153-mile footrace that follows Pheidippides' perceived route from Athens to Sparta. It's hilly, hot and the cut-off times are ruthless: the distance must be covered in 36 hours, with all those not on schedule being scooped up by the lovingly titled death bus. The race began unofficially in 1982, when British RAF Wing Commander John Foden and four other RAF officers.
  4. Pheidippides (Greek: Φειδιππίδης, [pʰeː.dip.pí.dɛːs], Son of Pheídippos) or Philippides (Φιλιππίδης) is the central figure in the story that inspired a modern sporting event, the marathon race.Pheidippides is said to have run from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the victory of the battle of Maratho

↑ (en) « Results », sur www.spartathlon.gr (consulté le 27 septembre 2018) ↑ (en) Abichal, « Patrycja Bereznowska Sets New Women's Record At Spartathlon 2017 - Results - », multidays.com,‎ 1 er octobre 2017 (lire en ligne, consulté le 27 septembre 2018 The Battle of Marathon was a pivotal battle in the Graeco-Persian Wars. This battle took place in August or September 490 BC. During the battle, the Athenians and their Plataean allies successfully repelled the invading Persians, despite being outnumbered Spartathlon 2020 ergebnisse Spartathlon 2017 . In 2017 startete ich erstmalig beim Spartathlon, einem 246 km langen Nonstop-Lauf von Athen nach Sparta mit 3260 Höhenmetern.Dieser Lauf beruht auf der antiken Sage, dass der Bote Pheidippes 490v.Chr. in den Perserkriegen von Athen aus losgeschickt wurde, um die Spartaner zu Hilfe zu holen The Spartathlon is a point-to-point race with elevation ranging from sea level to 1,200 meters over tarmac road, trail, and mountain footpath. Around the midpoint point of the race lays a segment where runners climb 960 m over a span of 13-km. During the race, athletes must cover the first 81-, 124-, 148-, 172-, and 195-km of the race within 9:30, 15:30, 19:30, 23:30, and 27:00 h, respectively.

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  1. Sedert 1984 Die Internasionale Vereniging Spartathlon is in 1984 gestig, en het sedertdien elke jaar in September - die maand wat Pheidippides volgens Herodotus na Sparta gehardloop het - die resies aangebied. Die gedagte van die resies het onstaan by John Foden, 'n Britse RAF vlieënier, wat begin wonder het of die moderne mens die afstand van 246 km tussen Athene en Sparta binne.
  2. Йенс Лукас [en] 25:38.03 Анни Момот 35:38.08 2000 Масаюки Отаки 24:01.10 Хироко Окияма 29:16.37 2001 Валмир Нуньеш [en] 23:18.05 Альзира да Сильва Портела Ларио 30:31.41 2002 Рёичи Сэкия [en] 23:47.54 Ирина Реутович: 28:10.48 MR: 200
  3. a In Greece's Historic Ultra-Marathon Tamás Székely 2017.09.29. The 35th edition of the annual ultra-marathon race Spartathlon from Athens to Sparta started at the foot of the Acropolis hill in Athens on Friday morning with 400 athletes from 52 countries, including 24 Hungarians
  4. Rivers' 164 total yards, 3 TDs lead Fresno St by Colorado St. FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Jake Haener set career highs with 311 yards passing and three touchdowns, Ronnie Rivers tied his career best.
  5. a in Greece's historic ultra-marathon The 35th edition of the annual ultra-marathon race Spartathlon from Athens to Sparta started at the foot of the Acropolis hill in Athens on Friday morning with 400 athletes from 52 countries, including 24 Hungarians
  6. Information 20/03/2017 Updated entrants list after the board of directors addition of a limited number of applicants, merit based, according to article 5f of admission regulations.. For any questions about your participation please contact us by email at info@spartathlon.gr You can find the accepted participants in the Entrants List link Below
  7. Sumie Inagaki (稲垣寿美恵, Inagaki Sumie, born 6 April 1966) is a Japanese ultramarathon runner from Hokkaido.Inagaki holds current women's world record in 24-hour run Indoor (240.631 kilometres (149.521 mi), Espoo FIN, Jan 2011), and in 48-hour run Track (397.103 kilometres (246.748 mi), Surgeres FRA, May 2010). She is a two time female winner of IAU 24-Hour Run World Championship

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There's this crazy foot race in Greece called the Spartathlon held every September. Its 246 kilometers which works out to 153 miles for those of you not metric-savvy. Yes of course there has to be somewhat of a crazy person to do this race but the most craziest of all is someone who decides to run the entire race wearing sandals - just a mere 3-4mm of leather between the foot and the.

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  3. 37. Spartathlon: Frank Ewen läuft seit Freitag 246 ..
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